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Our company are running successfully around the work of the research development.

This company is highly based on the
successful move of the sales, marketing, support and service for the
products and brands only for the customer satisfaction.

This company is provided for all over the india to improve
their brands and product among the peoples.This company is fully
based on the research development.

Our Products

Plastic / Rubber

Tape / Flim

Leather / Vinyl

Textile Fiber

Electrical Wire / Card

Dyeing / Paint

Temperature & Humidity Chamber (CP)

Giant Force Equipment Standard Calibrating Laboratory
Since establish “Temperature Calibration Center” from 1996. Giant Force except upgrade the accuracy and reliability of testing equipment also provide the calibration for after service.

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2 Zone Thermal Shock Tester (Air To Air)

  • Outdoor calibrating(huge or immovable Chamber)
  • Calibrating and adjustment for our Chambers.
  • Calibrating and technology enquiry for Chamber of other brand.
  • Periodical maintenance.
  • Operating education.

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We provide Best service
to the customers

Modern Technology

Because of the modern technology,our technology
environment became to the higher level.Like usage of the
modern technique of the equipment and the machines made
us modernly prepared.

Certified Products

Our products and brands which we are using for
the costumer needs and the satisfaction is fully certified
products from the best company which could be later
approved for the sales.

Success Of Products

Because of using the successful certified
products is the reason for the success of our company brand
and the products.

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